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Kemess Underground Project

Project Info

Classification: Surface Civil Works
Location: 420 km west of McKenzie, BC
Company: Belvedere Place Development
Year: 2018/2019
Owner: AuRico Metals Inc.
Contract Value: $30,716,313.00


The project is located at one of the most remote locations in British Columbia.  The work crews fly in and out of the project from Prince George and Smithers.  The project requires clearing, grubbing, stripping, earth moving, excavating, quarry blasting, crushing and screening of quarry rock, ground supporting, placement of rock and earthen materials, installation of metal and HDPE piping systems, forming and pouring of concrete structures, and in stream works.

Major quantities are:  clear and grub: 300,000 m2; drilling and blasting: 150,000m3; common excavation: 400,000m3; crushing: 50,000m3; installation of rock anchors, production of RipRap: 25,000m3; installation of 900mm HDPE pipe and 650mm flanged steel pipe: 5,000 LM; water treatment plant, concrete foundation: 1,500m3 


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