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Our Community

Good relations with our neighbours are necessary for our company to thrive.  Our management team and our employees play an important role in building strong relationships in our communities where we work.  We strive to ensure our activities benefit our community and society as a whole.

Through collective volunteering and generous giving, BPC and its employees strive to make a positive and lasting impression through programs that support the needy, feed the hungry and create a greater appreciation for the arts.  BPC management and employees help transform the lives of those in need through these and many other donations and gifts.

In addition to the above, some of the other BPC sponsorship and donation programs include:

  • Childreach, ON
  • Rides For Life, PG
  • Cops for Cancer
  • School and family support, TCI, Caribbean
  • Cheslatta First Nations
  • Winfield Juvenile Rep Hockey
  • Westside Community Foodbank Society
  • Stewart Bear Arts Festival, Stewart, BC

BPC’s commitment to sustainability is grounded in the guiding principles of social responsibility and environmental consciousness. BPC realizes the importance of economic sustainability, and employees understand that being a good corporate citizen means supporting environmental initiatives and helping to create sustainable communities.

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