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Hwy 16, Tyhee Passing Lane

Project Info

Classification: Road Work
Location: Telkwa, BC
Company: Belvedere Place Contracting
Year: 2017
Owner: Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Contract Value: $4,476,552.10


The Tyhee Passing Lane project is located 2 km east of Telkwa, BC.  The project consisted of the construction of a 2.4 km east bound passing lane and a new rest area.  There were a number of challenges on the project due to the unsuitable ground that required over-excavation with the placement of fabric and geogrid and utilizing draining blasted rock to stabilize the work zone prior to fills being placed.  Full production got underway early July.  In mid July one 2.44 meter pipe, 45 meters in length, and one 1.2 meter pipe, 43 meters in length, were augured under the highway for McDowell Creek.  Once the pipes were in place and the highway widening was completed, the in stream work began with the stream liner placement and the placement of rip rap.  The final grading prior to paving was completed mid to end of September with the asphalt paving being in place at the beginning of October.  The project was completed by October 20, 2017 and the passing lane was opened for public use.


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